Friday, April 1, 2011

Meditation for Beginners

My neighbor Marilyn is helping me to meditate. She is determined to show me it's not spooky. It's hard for me to sit still - I don't watch foreign movies because you have to sit down to keep up. So, I'm a rookie meditator, but I'm learning. Last night I used a Deepak Chopra guided meditation. Walk through a woods on a path to a lovely cottage [insert favorite architecture HERE], enter the cottage, open a door and walk down a stone stairway to a river. Someone will come in a boat to pick me up. I forget the rest, but I either turn into light, or the boat poler does, or the boater is the archetype I am living. So, I started on the path, entered the cottage, went down the stone steps to the cavern river. A little naked boy on a paddle board showed up {!}, took me by the hand, and back up the stairs, out the cottage, and toward a temple (pillars were involved) but inside the temple was a pine woods. I sat (unknown on what) and a huge creature flew in from stage right. I wanted it to be an eagle, but it wouldn't be. It was gigantic, shiny, not really feathered and definitely not pretty, with long claws and gnarly, long muscled legs. It began to preen. Under a wing it found a tiny egg. I held out my hand and the dragon/vulture/not eagle dropped the egg into it. I broke the egg precisely in half, and there was a starfish. Too big to have been in the egg, and it was moving - alive. That's it. We were out of meditation. What the heck was that? Marilyn said calmly "maybe you'll understand one day." Today I looked up starfish - I've never seen one in person alive, and when I searched, there was the story of the child throwing starfish back into the sea. The man who had come upon the child asked what was going on? "The tide is out and if the starfish stay here, they will die." The man said "but there are miles of beach and thousands of starfish. What impact can you have?" The child threw another starfish into the sea and said, smiling "I made a difference in that one's life."

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