Saturday, April 23, 2011

Democracy Being Murdered in Michigan

This is WXYZ's coverage of people being taken from Catherine Ferguson Academy. Steve Wasko, PR spokesmodel for EFM Robert Bobb managed to be on the scene when police sirens drowned out the voices of teen-aged girls being hauled away in handcuffs. Who called whom to show up? Does a major city's police chief show up to handle a dozen pregnant teenagers? Our Michigan legislature handed dictatorial power to Governor Snyder, and enabled Robert Bobb, EFM DPS to overturn elected government, and throw out democracy. Catherine Ferguson Academy has a 90% graduation rate, and 100% acceptance rate for its graduates at the college level. Catherine Ferguson Academy is on Bobb's list of schools to be closed. It is a model for urban agriculture, and has received international attention. But this most successful school in Michigan will close if a charter operator will not or cannot take it over right now. This is Michigan today. These are Michigan cities, Michigan schools. Michigan girls. And a handful of legislators can take it all away in handcuffs. Rachel Maddow Show is covering Catherine Ferguson Academy's struggle to stay. A petition can be signed at We can do better than this. We must.



  2. The students understand that privatization is not a option for them. A private company has no interest in doing what has been done as a public school.

    There is no profit in self sufficiency.

    We can keep this school open, the students are worth fighting for.