Monday, April 4, 2011

Paul Simon Is So Beautiful

NPR shares a First Listen of Paul Simon's new offering So Beautiful Or So What. The entirety of this album is a dancing meditation. I will be happy to spend years changing my mind about which track is my favorite, and the ten songs will always be in company, as I want to experience all, one after the other; like a fine meal, a symphony, the seasons each year in Michigan, the unfolding story of any life. Simon is tuned serendipitously to life stages. It was a joy to have his music when I was in the new moon of my life, and more deeply joyous to share his music in the waning moon. Our class song in high school was "Old Friends" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was played at friends' funerals who left us too soon. My old friends will love this music from the universes they inhabit. Simon is transcendent, and on this anniversary of Martin Luther King's ascension, I say bless you and thank you to the songwriter and the peacemakers both.

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