Friday, April 29, 2011

Special Ed. Issues Reported to MI State Board in Jan.

Detroit Public Schools EFM Robert Bobb laid off 88 of 177 special education bus attendants. Special education students are not being picked up for school. The Michigan Department of Education may, or may not be looking into this, after a meeting on January 11, when several of the special education issues were pointed out to the State Board of Education. Individual Education Plan (IEP) makes sure special needs students get a public education, and is federal territory. Jan Ellis, identified in the Michigan Citizen story as a spokesperson for Dept. of Education holds the title of Manager of Communications, Office of School Improvement. She told the reporter there is not an official investigation underway, she has seen no paperwork, but the department will work to make sure every child gets whatever services are legally required. Wow. Note David Varner (W.K. Kellogg Foundation) commented that the reports of Bobb's behavior were "hearsay" and he promised to call Bobb himself. Undoubtedly EFM Bobb will take the call. Kellogg Foundation pays part of his salary.

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