Monday, April 25, 2011

Nuclear Cruise Route Through Great Lakes Watershed

People in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and Maine will be able to watch Ontario-based Bruce Power transport 1600 tons of nuclear contaminated steam generators through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway right past their homes. The Canadian Nuclear Commission approved a permit for Bruce Power to ship the radioactive containers through our backyards to Sweden for recycling. The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainability Water Resources Compact, endorsed in 2005 by the governments of all the Great Lakes States and the Province of Ontario, and signed by George W. Bush in 2008 needs to be invoked now. The Great Lakes Compact is an international water rights policy, intended to prevent diversion of the Great Lakes to other states, as well as define use and conservation. It is overseen by the Great Lakes Commission. That is, unless the Council of Great Lakes Governors isn't looking. Bruce Power has a "right thing to do" website that outlines what approvals are needed. It's up to the U.S. to make sure the approvals are denied. Keep in mind that when Bruce Power refers to transporting low level waste (repeatedly mentioned) that level has a shelf life of about half a million years. If Canada can't keep its nuclear waste to itself, we need to help them do the right thing.

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