Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Michigan Legislature Trampling Teachers

Representative Bill Rogers, (R) Brighton has cosponsored a bill to take a teacher's license away for two years, or permanently for striking. It is illegal for a teacher to strike in Michigan. Has been. But Rogers and his buddies think "you have to put teeth into something to allow the system to work." Laws prohibiting teacher strikes have worked pretty well so far, but Rogers and his ilk are preemptively fearmongering in support of this Congress' mission to dismantle municipal governments, unions, to villify teachers, and to create impossible to teach situations in public schools. 62 students per classroom coming up in Detroit Public Schools. What's next? Putting teachers in stocks in the public square? Flogging? Draconian measures being taken to eliminate public education, while mouthing how all of this nonsense helps our children. Rogers claims "the example being set for young, impressionable students by the union leadership is concerning. We live in a civilized society." Really? And what might young, impressionable students think about big mean men who take their teachers' jobs away? Hmm? Mr. Rogers' neighborhood is a nasty place, made uglier by Mr. Rogers himself. He needs a timeout to think about what he's doing. And he needed to pay more attention in school.

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