Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michigan Government By Think Tank

Rachel Maddow reported MI HB4218, expanding powers of emergency financial managers allowed in Public Act 72, was written by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The Midland, MI libertarian think tank has familiar donors. Charles G. Koch Foundation, Prince Foundation, Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Remember DeVos' unsuccessful bid to be governor? Sound familiar to Scott Walker, Madison, Wisconsin? Privatization is their buzzword. Outsource everything. The Mackinac Center has filed through FOIA to get any emails from labor professors at MSU, WSU and UofM that include the words Madison, Wisconsin, and Maddow. The FOIA got a similar request from the Wisconsin GOP. And what donors can The Buckeye Institute (the think tank behind Governor Kasich) claim? Round up the usual suspects. What is fascinating about all this nonsense is that the libertarian think tanks that have pummeled the Midwest with their agenda have the balls to criticize their puppet governors for not going far enough, AND going too far. Ohio's Buckeye Institute, cautions Governor Kasich, not about his entire budget, but perhaps privatizing every damn thing is premature, and will impact return on investment. Mackinac tut-tuts Snyder's "smart growth" community initiative as discriminating against the middle class. Doublespeak and balderdash. Find an ultraconservative think tank that gives a rat's patoot about the middle class. The marionette governors are having their strings shortened by the very puppetmasters that created them. I can't wait to see which wooden boys survive.

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