Friday, February 9, 2018

Life Goes On Minus One

Last post my father died and my brother and I were working on how we continue in an altered reality. My brother has moments of auxiliary reality that freak me. I think Dad is communicating with him, or more accurately, Scott is communicating with his father. He is one moment an afterlife zen master and another the human he is now - enmeshed in Alzheimer's disease. I am consumed with paperwork in my own alternate reality that equates the new terror in the mailbox with scenes from The Raw Shark Texts. We live in a scifi novel that hasn't been written yet. And bloody hell, I'm not writing it.

Meanwhile. I illustrated a remarkable book last year. The author, who is a coach specializing in improving relationships and organizational behavior wrote a book that is extraordinary advice for executives and children.

Look at relationships in nature and understand who you are.

Love yourself and understand that's all you need to have a successful life.

The book is coming soon. The art preview is here.