Saturday, April 9, 2011

112th Congress Holds Women's Healthcare Hostage

Brinksmanship. Conservatives in the 112th Congress are playing roulette with women's health, and are willing to shut the government down in order to achieve their ideological goals. Women were held hostage in a cynical political ploy that we'll see more of in this 112th Congress, because it worked. Watching the video of the Republican women caucus in front of a microphone - for the first time - and fumble basic questions about what their party is up to might have been the low point of the gaming yesterday. I'm embarrassed for my gender, furious at the discussion being framed by everyone (including hosts and guests all night on msnbc) as Planned Parenthood when the trump card that will be used again and again by this Congress is Title X in toto. Putting the word abortion into discussion of basic health screenings and cancer treatment for poor women adds more lying mouths to the conservative mission. I am sick and tired of the idiotic speechifying about federal funding for abortion, when there is none. None. How many freaking times do we need to deal with liars who know this, but want us to not know it? Who are the fools in fact?

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