Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where the Wild Foods Grow

Barb Barton is a Michigan songmaker. She writes, plays wicked great guitars, and she sings pretty nice, too. Barb is also a wild rice wizard, a wilderness woman, and a fine friend. She is the wildcrafter owner of Where the Wild Foods Grow. Barb just announced she is offering maple sugar nuggets and maple sugar, lovingly and respectfully processed by hand in our beautiful Michigan. Her newsletter (which you will want to sign on to receive) tells of wildcrafted Chaga that can come to your house; succulent leeks by the pound; and Barb is probably right now out in the woods finding Dryad's Saddle mushrooms. The shyer Morels are a little later. Barb has long been a wild rice (Manoomin) harvester and hand-parcher, and rice is available in season from her website. All her offerings are organic, wildcrafted, hand-processed; her methods are traditional ways. While you're shopping at, listen to some Barb Barton music, too. Gift yourself. Twice, thrice, eternally.

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