Friday, April 15, 2011

To Jane on Her 60th Birthday

Happy birthday, Jane Marie. Jane married brother John in 1973, happily for our joined families. Jane is a beautiful human being, a loving sister, wife, parent, and an inspiration to me. Jane's faith is deep, abiding, rich and she shares her belief in such a way that the glow of it permeates all life around her. She is the embodiment of what is most precious to us: to be slow to judge and quick to love. I have learned from her about humility, devotion and grace in adversity. Her God is the light she carries within, and a light that I have come to see as universal for all who dwell with the glory and peace of the divine, in whatever way we choose to worship. She has taught me that whichever words we use to relay the beauty and awe of divinity, the glow is the same for every living thing, and relaying the beauty in deed is the call we answer. She is an angel on earth. I love her, and I look forward to many more years of learning from her. Happy birthday, with gratitude and admiration, dearest Jane.

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