Saturday, April 30, 2011

MI Privatizes Democracy: Congress Unprivatizes Women

While Governor Snyder and his posse are busy privatizing Michigan schools and cities, the 112th Congress is busy unprivatizing women's bodies. Is it a coincidence that Michigan representatives play a prominent role in this outrage? The House Ways and Means Committee is chaired by bought and paid for Dave Camp (R-MI4) and is now holding subcommittee hearings to advance H.R.3, the "Stupak on Steroids" bill introduced by yet another Michigan troglodyte, gone but still invading women's lives. H.R. 358 has just been advanced to the floor by the Energy and Commerce Committee, chaired by Fred Upton (R-MI6) who are been turned completely by his contributors on both women and the environment. This co-opted by campaign contributions legislator is from Benton Harbor, a city now being victimized by Emergency Financial Manager Joe Harris. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called Michigan "Ground Zero" in education reform. Rachel Maddow called Benton Harbor "Ground Zero" in the hostile takeover of democracy in America. And Michigan is "Ground Zero" in the war to keep our bodies, our lives, our healthcare private. Privatize this!

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