Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian Nuclear Waste Is U.S. Problem

Ontario Power, the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organization, and Bruce Power are eyeing the shore of Lake Huron for a deep geologic repository of nuclear waste. Bruce Power also is seeking permissions to ship 16 one hundred ton nuclear-contaminated steam generators to Sweden using the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. Ross Lamont at Bruce Power claims this transport will "pose no danger to the public." I've got a house along that route, and I feel endangered. First Nations, Candice Miller (R-MI10), and Macomb Co., Harrison Twp., St. Clair Shores all resolved to oppose the repository. But Ontario Power and Bruce Power are moving forward regardless. Kincardine is 55 miles from Michigan. The transport route for the contaminated containers will sweep Michigan, Pennsylvania, NY, and the entire St. Lawrence watershed. These issues are handled by the International Joint Commission. John Nevin, spokesman for the Commission said nobody's asked them to review the proposal to store nuclear waste on the beach of Lake Huron. Does somebody ask him to breathe when he gets up in the morning? What the hell's his job? Bruce Power is still trying to line up permissions to transport nuclear waste through U.S. waters. Let's make sure permission is denied. Support the First Nations working to stop endangering the Great Lakes. As the First Nations write: Water is alive and has spirit. Water is our life source. Water also needs a voice. If the Canadians want to play chicken with our life source, then it is up to the U.S.A. to stop them.

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