Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Detroit Public Schools Training Volunteer School Boards

DPS is training volunteer school board members for one day each. 50 will train this Saturday. Volunteer school board members do not have to reside in Detroit and there are no specific qualifications required. DPS wants 225 volunteers to work 6 to 10 hours a week, with a 3-year contract to a for-profit private charter operator for free. One volunteer board of 5-9 members will meet once a month for every charter school; number to be determined by successful charter operator applicants. Applications now being taken for charter operators through May 2. DPS hired the National Association of School Charter Authorizers to review applications. Charter school operators will be chosen by June. Schools need to be opened by September. defines the mission of school boards. School boards establish the vision for education in the community. School board members must be committed to, and live in, the city wherein the school functions. Will one day of training create vision? Charter schools are for-profit. Can somebody tell me where the money comes from? NACSA's work will be privately funded, according to a DPS spokesperson. Who is privately funding this activity? Why is that not public knowledge? Does this feel as grim and desperate to you as it does to me? Where are the proven indicators of success and how soon will the school children of Detroit feel the positive difference these plans promise?

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