Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facing Fear

For Linda. I tried replying/adding a comment to your comment and I cannot make it work. I hope you'll see this post. I am so sorry to add to your fear. You are courageous to have taken steps before, and you are courageous now. You are taking good care of yourself just by making the appointment. Please understand my case was severe and extremely rare, and the outcome was excellent. Take a loved one with you, or a good friend. I hope you are comfortable completely with your dermatologist, and if in doubt, seek another opinion. Children are the most beautiful: they love completely always. Children know when to hug, are not afraid of people they love, and are eager to make everything better. This picture is one of my favorites, I carry it in my wallet to remind me of the enormous power of love. Bianca and her mom were visiting me. Bianca was out of the room for a little while, and when I called "Bianca?" she said "be right back." She came around the corner carrying my mother's bunny. Bianca had put a bandage on the bunny's nose, her own nose, and used my extra glasses to tape them to her forehead, just like mine. Not only was there no fear, but she wanted to help me to feel better by sharing. Children love and will continue to love, Linda. My thoughts will be with you on Tuesday. You are brave and you will conquer.

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  1. Thank you, Linda.

    First things - I did receive your note above, and I thank you so much for it. I have cut out the picture you shared to put in my own metaphorical wallet.

    Coming back to revisit and reread, the next thing, equally important, is to let you know that reading your post about feminism and beauty did not frighten me at all. To the contrary.

    When I said that there must have been a reason I found you that day, it was truly reassurance I found from you as I confronted - finally -- that irrational ignore/embrace, pushme-pullyou feeling about going to the doctor at all!

    My night terrors had never factored in possible repair from radical surgery. Your handsome portrait goes into my wallet back to back with the Bianca & rabbit one!

    Thank you for pictures and posts.

    Finally -- I'm now covered with spots head to toe from the collision of rocket fuel with actinic keratoses. Only one spot to be biopsied -- and I'm okay with it.