Tuesday, March 15, 2011

112th Congress H.R.554: Worker Rights Certification

When last posted, H.R.554 introduced by Thaddeus McCotter (R-M11) of our beleaguered State of Michigan, didn't have full text published. Now H.R.554 has text, and as union busting has broken out all over America, it's a bizarre twist. Freedom Trade Act: to withdraw normal trade relations treatment from the products of foreign countries that do not maintain acceptable standards of religious freedom and worker rights. Mr. McCotter requires the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Labor to certify to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs that the foreign country is not restricting the freedom of workers to associate and the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively. Further, the rights of workers to organize include SEC.442(c)(1)(C) to be protected against dissolution or suspension of such organizations, confederations, or affiliations by any governmental authority. Workers rights include being allowed to strike, except in cases of acute national emergency. This is hot. What about American worker rights? Does Rep. Peter King know about renegade religious freedom legislation in his House? McCotter doesn't abandon his party tether, so what fresh devilment is afoot with H.R.554? Could this actually be a good piece of legislation from the 112th Congress?

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