Monday, March 28, 2011

Gov. Snyder to Unemployed: Eat Cake

Gov. Snyder today signed into law a reduction in unemployment benefits for laid-off Michigan workers. Since 1954 we've had 26 weeks of unemployment benefits as has every other state in America. Now Michigan is the only state with 20 weeks unemployment. Snyder calls this "breaking bad habits." It took one day to railroad this nasty legislation through the Michigan Congress. Talk about bad habits! In a response to an action alert issued by, Snyder wrote "HB4408 will allow job providers to redirect their limited financial resources to potentially rehire those currently receiving assistance." Get out the hip boots, boys and girls. There were other ways to go about extending the federally-funded benefits that will run out at the end of the year. Employers' contributions to unemployment benefits will not be reduced in any way by this bill. Snyder is the mouthpiece of the pro-business Chamber of Commerce, recently touting the same BS rationale. Czar Snyder continues to overachieve in favor of corporations at the expense of working families, the poor, and children. Snyder thanked Mitchell Hirsch for willingness to participate in the democratic process. Recall is a nice way to participate in a democratic process, too.

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