Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michigan Legislature Outs Its Agenda

Gotta be jobs, right? Gotta be the economy, yes? Not so much. Adding bureaucracy and huge salaries by voting for emergency finance managers, today the Michigan legislature also voted to reverse the 2010 decision that allows state employees to add domestic partners to health insurance coverage. The benefits don't start until October 1, but by golly, this is a legislative priority. I remember a meeting at the Salem-South Lyon Library with candidates for office last year. There were 14 candidates present. Not surprisingly, the Republican incumbents in my district were absent. That includes you, Hugh Crawford, (occupied with changing deer hunting season launch date). *This is brilliant: change the Nov. 15 First Day to the second or third Saturday, whichever is closer to the 15th. WTF? How does this increase tourist revenue?* Not one of the people who did show up at my library mentioned any of the priorities the Michigan legislature is busily introducing and passing. Where are the jobs, people? Where are the economic priorities? Where's Hugh Crawford's head? For Lease, like most of the businesses in South Lyon, Michigan.

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