Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Reluctant Molt

I'm molting. Someone in this house might find a weird leftover skin. Like the movie Aliens. I have no idea what me will emerge, but walking fast yesterday, my brain bouncing around stuff happening lately, this answer tumbled out. I'm molting. Old ideas aren't serving, defense postures get me nowhere, although I thought the weapons cabinet was fully stocked. Not any more. We used to have the power out often here in rural Michigan for hours at a time. I never stopped flipping light switches on for however long we were without electricity. Habit: up for on, down for off. My personal switch is broken now. Toolkit - missing. Guess I'll have to change some behavior, huh? I started today by facing the stuff I've been avoiding. Major decisions put off, action delayed. Walked to the bank, and got my account straightened out. It was a pleasant experience and the manager advised me to switch to a different type of account. Success! A problem turned into a pleasant solution. I am engaged in facing facts bravely. For now. Check back tomorrow. P.S. That's my new haircut. I can't style it, but it looks okay in a pencil sketch.

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