Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Grandmother Mariah

This is my great-grandmother Mariah Matilda in the summer of 1969, just before she passed on at 93. A psychic told me years ago she is my spirit guide. At the time, I laughed. So that's why I wasn't getting messages - Great-Grandma only spoke Finnish. Now I know she doesn't need to speak to me to shepherd me through. She showed up in meditation last week. We (many women unknown) were sitting in an icy wilderness around a huge fire. The wind shifted; my meditation partner and I both coughed. I had a bearskin covering me, and the other women were appropriately bundled against the cold. My great-grandmother sat in a lawn chair, in her short-sleeved summer house dress, with her white socks and broken-down shoes, watching me, as she is in this pencil sketch. I felt loved and still do.

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