Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ziggity Boomer Goes to the Movies

I'm newsblind on the younging of the 83rd Academy Awards: like snowblind only not dazzled. The hosts were young. Bob Hope and Billy Crystal showed up, just in case young didn't work. Bob Hope's dead. I'm not sure appealing to the dead demographic is going to add audience. Young is good. I was young once and liked it. Young people spend money on entertaining themselves, which is the whole point of everything, isn't it? Money? If it is, the Oscars are even farther off base than the silly host choice. Lest we forget: there are oodles of potential moviegoers over 50. We do not go to the show for popcorn (the big money in movies is made at the concession stand), we won't even rent movies with titles like The 40 Year Old Virgin, or Saw XVII, or any movie with Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughan, or the new babe with plastic boobs, or multiples thereof. We do not go to see guys dressed up like fat women. We do not watch car chases, people crawling on ceilings, explosions, multiple throat gougings, superheroes in tights, unless any of these features are included in a movie that is damn well written. Am I getting my point across? We want story. We have lots of money to spend at the local theater, we have nice cars to take us there. We have leisure time and we're hungry for more, better ways to entertain ourselves. I read more than one article today that quoted studio executives balloon-talking like a comic strip about needing to market to an older audience whose dollars will flow from their hands if only the executives could figure out what they want. AAARGHH! 50+ movie attendees are going to spend more money on movies than any age group in a hot second. We're close to it already in 2010 - this year our age group might surpass the 18-34 crowd, if there's anything coming out worth going to see. And the studio executives are wringing their hands. They will finish by wringing each other's necks because the movies in development are undoubtedly schlock. In 3D. Ignoring plot, good acting, and a story that engages us at the major studios is going to give independents who are more nimble and savvy opportunity to elevate some good screenplays into quick release. I love movies, and I'd like to see more movies than the ones I already love on Turner Classic Movies.

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