Monday, March 7, 2011

Draw a Cave = Reveal Prana

I tried to draw the idea of entering and exiting a cave. The first effort took too long and made me dizzy. I draw detail, and now I want to learn when to quit. One holiday card I drew took weeks. It was an animated cityscape in winter, complete with blinking traffic lights. Friend Joel called me when he got his mail. "Please tell me there aren't teeny-tiny lights in the little shop on the corner." Um. I have tried to work bigger (my therapist wondered when I was going to leave Lilliput) and simpler. One line instead of 80. Sentences of four words. Be clear. Less gobbledygook. So, when the cave in/out got too wiggy, I actually dragged it to the trash. Yay! Then I redrew the same thing, trying not to over -think and -do it. Here it is. When the into the cave group met the out of the cave group, there is the image for prana I saw once in meditation. In simplicity there is truth. If I can get out of my own way, maybe I can find some more truth and simplicity.

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