Wednesday, March 9, 2011

States Legislate to Restrict Women's Health Access

These are states with legislation that not only redundantly denies funding for legal procedures, curtails availability of contraception, family planning, health testing, and insurance coverage, but adds legislative devices that treat women like stupid beasts without the brains to make their own decisions. Indiana added an outright lie to its legislation - forcing doctors to tell women that having an abortion might lead to breast cancer. Many states require a woman to view ultrasound images, or listen to an audio of a fetus. Some states added amendments to legislation to include requiring women's health facilities to have the same entryway, hall configuration and room sizes as hospitals, meaning many women-only healthcare centers (underfunded already) would have to close to avoid the prohibitive cost of all that legislated architecture. The war against women is spreading like a virus. Led by the 112th Congress with H.R.3, H.R.217, H.R.358 women's rights are under attack on more fronts every day, and this Congress has only been in session for 2 and a half months. Women have the right and the obligation to follow their own minds and hearts regarding their bodies. We do not need legislators passing laws that deny our choice to make our own decisions. Government doesn't have a brain. We do.

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