Friday, February 18, 2011

Ziggity Boomer

My new persona. I use ziggity boom a lot - mostly to describe when I go ballistic about something or other - like when I forget one of two things on my mental list, or when yet another product I prefer is discontinued. Live long enough and everything we prefer is discontinued, and though I know that cognitively, I am not zenned enough to accept it. I go - and use - ziggity boom so much that my good friend Joel named a character in his book Ziggy Bloom. I typo'ed ziggity boomer the other day, and I liked it. Funny that the older I get, the more typos seem significant. Maybe as I age, I need significance and will pounce on it wherever I find it, even in my sent folder. Or maybe I'm making everything up, including anything I think I notice. That's Ziggity Boomer. I'm going to trademark it. If I remember.

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