Friday, February 18, 2011

Silent Woman Speaks

I drew this long ago, was afraid to use it because it is not a pretty picture. The Silent Woman is a pub name still in use today. It is an ugly image. The rise of gender-based violence in the world is ugly. I am angry enough now to use the drawing. I'm going to use Silent Woman Speaks for posts that are shouting about gender-offensive behavior. Whenever I spot guybonics and tomfoolery. The idea of a woman who can't speak is referential in jokes, casual conversation, pop culture, and raises its headless form this year in the 112th Congress' legislative agenda. We need to speak. We need to stop being silent. I call on my matriarchal ancestors to help stop the madness of violence against women for all time.

1 comment:

  1. May I use your art above as an icon to identify my own blog posts that are shouting about gender-offensive behavior? I will happily credit you and include a link back to your blog everyime I use the icon! I am even willing to give you veto power, in that if I ever use the icon to identify a post that you can't get behind I will be happy to remove display of the icon upon your simple veto request, no questions asked. I will provide trackbacks & pingbacks anytime I display the icon. What do you think of the idea?