Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marketing to Me: Advertising Discovers Boomers

Cloris Leachman in a leather jacket. Ziggity BOOM! Network Solutions' new Go Granny campaign got me to call. My ziggity boomer side winced at the granny, but I am also senior, sensible & savvy and dislike the tata godaddy ads. NS was smart to offer an alternative image and I'll move my business from godaddy. The man I talked with said the phones are ringing off the hook. That's cool. I worked in industrial advertising for decades and liked the work because it's simple: appeal to the greatest number of potential customers and make your current customers happy with the decision to buy. We savvy women and men aged 55-64 have a whole lot of money to spend nurturing our businesses. Women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing small business segment. Job creation is rising in the women-owned business realm. We buy and we influence major purchase decisions. Women not only buy purses and make-up, we buy high tech, industrial and automobiles. I remember years ago at dinner with a newly-arrived automotive marketing vp from the UK. This is Detroit, so he was with one of the formerly Big 3. I asked him what his plans were for marketing to women. He said, "you can't market to women." At that time - circa 1985 - women influenced a new car buying decision at about 75%. It was the 80s so influencing was a far as we got. Little wonder we had to bail these birds out 25 years later. I saw the taglines on an msnbc blip about marketing to Boomers yesterday. The 30-something man and woman discussing it talked about brighter colors and Depends. I saw the spot. Honestly. Who the hell cares what color your Depends are? It's a start, long overdue. It will get better, once the ad agencies aren't chockablock with 30-something boys who dream of Mad Men women, instead of 401k-cashing, business-starting, fast-car-driving, motorcycle-owning, techsavvy women like us.

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