Friday, February 18, 2011

112th Congress: Dangerous to Women

House voted to defund Planned Parenthood today. Pence and his cronies went at it a third time with H.R. 217 and in this hostile to women climate, it passed. Access to HIV testing, cervical cancer screening, mammography, family counseling - funding gone. Pence and his cronies denied healthcare access for women and girls. Denied. Treatment denied. Lest we forget: there is no federal funding for abortion. But the leadership of this Congress demands you not forget they own and control women's reproductive systems in toto. The 112th Congress representatives have created a more dangerous world for women. This defunding will not stop abortions or sexual activity. But it will further burden women with the consequences of activity that men engage in with women. Often against their will. It will place more women in danger. And that's fine with the oligarchy and its legislative triumvirate. Someone needs to step up and call this travesty what it is - a bill of attainder. Again I ask: where are the jobs? What about the economy? What's the plan, boys? Get your heads out of our reproductive system and back on solving our country's serious problems.

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