Friday, February 4, 2011

PrairieFresh Pork

We've been curious for some time why the pork chops we occasionally enjoy don't taste good and have the consistency of cardboard. I shop daily across the street because I can walk there, they sell Michigan produce when it's available, the butcher said the meats they sell are from local farms, the farthest away Indiana or Canada. We eat much less meat than we used to; I'm weaning the guys in favor of vegetables, but I'll buy a request. Recently the entire pork section from hocks to roasts is PrairieFresh with a Kansas address. PrairieFresh is a trademark of Seaboard Foods. There are three degrees of pork listed. The 100% Natural line offers "no antiboitic [sic] residues." Not no antibiotics, no residues. Seaboard's Guymon, Oklahoma feed lot was cited for animal cruelty (the infamous pig abuse video). Seaboard Farms has paid fines for polluting groundwater with runoff from their feed lots. I won't buy this - or maybe any other - pork again, and I guess I'll tell the butcher why. Read some testimony from the Seaboard CEO, Rod Brenneman to a Congressional committee. You can find the document on the internet. I do not feel sorry for the pork industry complaining of economic pressures because of oversupply from the CEO of a bad actor "integrated food company" with a couple hundred feed lots churning out pork. I feel sorry for the pigs.

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