Saturday, February 19, 2011

Searching "Blogs for Women Over 60"

Blogs for women over 60 search top results: 1) Hairstyles, 2) Getting Laid, 3) Glamour, 4) Get a Job. Redo using advanced search to exclude the words fashion, style, laid, intimate, job, hairstyles results: 1) Menopause Decreases Sexual Desire, 2) nearly all women over 60 wear these traditional clothes, 3) martini skydiving, 4) more clothes 5) movies with women over 40. Next advanced search exclude words martini skydiving, clothes, movies, tummy tuck (tummy tuck?!), work. Results ditto but add makeup techniques, and man, 74 charged with assault on woman over 60. Thank the goddess and all her attendants for Lynne Morgan Spreen and Any Shiny Thing!

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