Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michigan: Great Takes State

Campaign finance comes home to play. One of my passions is protecting our environment. Used to be one of Fred Upton's, too. Not any more. He's been bought. Upton's bid for the Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee was funded, and is now staffed by, lobbyists for industries with an aggressive agenda to gut the EPA, and deny climate change. Interested Michiganderians need look at just two sites. Here are Upton's Top 5 campaign contributors. He got fistfuls of dollars from Trust PAC, and shown are the Top 5 contributors. And his gang's all here. And here. Add a lament from Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth, about Benton Harbor's own Fred Upton's switch-hitter role. Gary Andres, Staff Director of Energy and Commerce Committee is a lobbyist for oil and energy interests, formerly at Dutko Worldwide. DTE Energy is a player in this money game. DTE Energy is seriously behind on their commitment to clean energy, and rather than strive to meet standards, would rather spend big money on buying public servants. In Fred Upton's case, it's money well spent.

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