Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imported from Detroit

I am imported from Detroit. It's my hometown. Sometimes its rulers are hard to love, but I love the Motor City. The hospital where I was born is torn down. My Dad's houses are torn down. The aquarium on Belle Isle is torn down. The college that tried to improve my brain is torn down. But I'm not torn down. Neither is Detroit. Life is tough and it is also short. Together my birth city and I are gritting our teeth, clenching our fist, and finding the luxury of enough. Detroit is still here. Whether the Chrysler commercial is about automobiles or rebirth or nothing at all, I'm proud to be imported from Detroit. That's the luxury of enough.

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  1. "The luxury of enough" - what a fabulous phrase. Some years ago my husband and I made a gut-wrenching decision to leave the family biz and re-enter the world of regular people/the regular economy. We calculated how much we could get by on, and took the plunge. Now we live below a level "the family" would approve of, but we're free of their ugliness, and we have the luxury of enough (and the freedom that comes with that.