Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Women Want Now

This is what we talk about when we get together in coffee shops, each other's homes, or on the park bench down the road. Peace. Education, for us and our young people. Clean air and water. Understanding. Community. An end to gouging earth for no reason other than to accumulate wealth. We want leaders who value people over profits, community over commerce, creativity over conflict, and peace over war. Our friend, Reverend Lorna Brown wrote in the Ann Arbor Observer that we are evolving from homo sapiens into homo luminous. Her new book "Dragonfly Dialogues: Memories of an Awakening Spirit" closes each chapter with a lesson to help us embrace higher consciousness, to acknowledge when we perceive vibrations beyond our little reality, to share the joy and the awe, to celebrate the shift in our perception of reality. We want to contemplate serenity, to create harmony and balance in our lives, help others to do also, relish the wu wei (art of not doing), to grow from our roots comfortably, to appreciate the luxury of enough. We are powerful women, standing in our own power, and we have everything that we need. We abandon the materialism, egoism and the discordant, destructive cousins of self-indulgent pursuits. We talk about, and seek, barter arrangements rather than monetary. We want to share our skills, and participate in reskilling festivals to pass along our gifts. We crave nature, in our edibles, entertainment and exercise. We want food to taste the way we remember it, to nourish ourselves and each other, to create and recapture traditions that will survive for future generations. We want the company of like-spirited others.

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