Wednesday, September 21, 2011

South Lyon City Council Campaign 2011

Walking in the neighborhood this morning, I waved at the cars driving by, as I usually do. Saw Harry in the distance who hollered "you're a candidate now. You have to blow kisses." As we shook hands, I said I told Dad I wasn't kissing any babies. Harry laughed. "But you still have to kiss old men." Yeah, well, we'll see about that. Went to the clubhouse to report a leaking gutter, and Karen and I caught up. Told her I'd received a flyer from the Area Agency on Aging about a caregiver symposium at Diamond Center. When I brought it to post on the bulletin board, Alice was there. She said she heard I was running for city council. I told her about the serendipitous string of events that led there, about walking to city hall to get the sidewalk repaired where Ms. Kennedy had fallen and broken her jaw and wrist. And we talked about Tony getting hit by a car on his bicycle. I said, "what I want to do is help to keep our seniors (me included) safe." Alice said, "I'll vote for you." I said, but you're Bev Dixson's campaign manager. Alice said there are three openings, so we can choose three. Nice to know. I can vote for Bev Dixson, too. Life gets better and better.

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