Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Three Story Life: Huh?

Dad made an appointment with the ear doctor when we got back from the island because Scott's hearing was weak. Dad said he'd ask to have his own ears checked, too. That was welcome news. When I first came here, we had a lot of "pardon?" and "I"m sorry, I didn't hear what you said?" Dad wasn't used to having someone in the house who talked. Then Dad started guessing. Your orchestra got tea towels? for oranges are on sale tomorrow; and Susan gonged the trolley? for she's going to the library. I started writing those down, because some were downright funny, but lost what I wrote. Now we're at huh? I'm a soft-spoken person; now I'm screaming in my own ears. Dad will say huh? and I'll raise my voice to repeat. Scott always looks up startled because he doesn't know me raising my voice, and I don't either. The ear doctor checked and Dad's practically deaf in one ear, and can't hear out of the other. He made an appointment to get fitted for at least one hearing aid, and then told a friend of mine visiting that he canceled the appointment because he won't spend the money. So I'm back in the shouting business. Dad has an appointment at the VA end of the month, and I'm going and we'll see what the VA has to offer. If that doesn't do the trick, Dad and I going to have Scott teach us sign language.

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