Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dragonfly Dialogues: Memories of an Awakening Spirit

Delighted to find Lorna Brown's new book in the mail yesterday. I was lucky to have read the manuscript, but the book in person is extra special - the cover rich and beautiful. Reverend Lorna Brown has been a spiritual teacher and guide for over 35 years. I met her a few years ago, and her sparkle, energy and vivacious embrace of life and new experiences is inspirational. Lorna's guided meditation helped me to find, and then deepen, the experience. She has gifts, and she is happy to share. The book has chapters as a life has chapters: family, early life and education, career, marriage, babies, illness, dying and rebirth. At the close of each chapter there are The Book of Wisdom lessons. And bless her, Lorna indexes these gems at the front of the book. Lorna makes sense of the many readings and workshops I've attended as I stepped on the path to spirituality. I can tell her about an experience, a vision, an insight, and she smiles, and teaches how this fits in the Universe we're experiencing. Coming out of meditation one night, I excitedly told the group what I had seen, and practically shouted, "what was that?" And Lorna, smiling, her marvelous face alight, nodded and said "prana, you saw life energy." I love this book, and am grateful that she wrote it, and is so eager to share her wisdom and joy. You can order the book through Reverend Brown's website, email her at or call 734.428.8748. The price is $18.85 total, which includes .90 MI tax and $3.00 shipping!

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