Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19 Temperatures in Fictional Worlds

Tweeted about my Mac showing the temperature in Cupertino, CA instead of Michigan, and the link to Facebook (which I didn't know I had, but might be cool) brought comments from kindred Mac users. I wrote on my wall it would be fun if Apple showed temperatures from fictional locales. I drew this chart. Atlantis' temperature is constant, sunk in the Atlantic. If Plato was wrong about which ocean, so be it. Hogsmeade is about mid-UK latitude, maybe. JK would know. Barsoom is Mars in Edgar Rice Burroughs' world so I used Mars daytime temperature of about 318k. Villa Villekula is in Sweden. And Ankh Morkpork is in the temperate zone between the Rim and the Hub. I have an Ankh Morkpork passport, and some coins, so I can confirm the guess when I get back. If I could make money being an obsessive artistic reality:fiction twister, I'd be rich. Reality being what it is, I'll settle for smiling. With all this fantastic literature to wander in, we're all rich already.

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