Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogs for Women Over 60

Work avoidance 101: googled "blogs for women over 60" again, hoping irrationally that there might be some more good stuff to follow. 431 results. Top result I already know - feisty fifty. Then there's one I'll check - Sensational Women over 60 (and it's trademarked, which scares me a little). Then me, then me again, then we go right into the fat loss, fashion, weight loss, fashion realm once more. Is that what women over 60 think about? Google thinks so. Maybe next time I'll try bing. I already know Yahoo! will be all shopping, all the time, if you can get to the pages behind the pop-ups that defy even my Mighty Mac.


  1. Greetings! Having made a similar survey yesterday and today, I found the same -- fashion, dating, health, if not scrapbooking and grandkids. I'm disappointed. I'd thought there'd be others like me, boomers still idealistic, still seeking self actualization and contribution of the think global act local mode. I thought we'd / they'd finally have the time and be excited about the expanded opportunities to connect in new tech ways.

    Where are we?

  2. I too am looking for someone my own age with whom I can connect. I don't need the makeup tricks to enable me to look younger. I don't especially care what a stranger I meet might think of my looks. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be one of those people who end up on the net "as seen in Walmart", but nor do I worry if I have makeup on to run to the grocery store. Same can be said of my wardrobe. I have a mirror and use it to view myself honestly.
    I would like some interaction with people who are at the same stage of life as I. Here is my story. Nurse "forever", raised my family and now here I sit. And I do mean sit. Retired, husband works out of town during the week, children live in other towns and all my friends are still working. I lived with a schedule and routine since I was first married and now, boom, I'm adrift on my own. Somebody out there help me!!!!!!

    1. Hope you found someone in similar situation. I to have retired. I can't tell you. What I do all day, but time passes fast and I am happy not to have to go to work everyday. Perhaps a bit of laziness has set in. LOL

  3. I too would just love to have someone to discuss books with or to chat with on the computer when I cannot sleep during the middle of the night. I guess I am still not adjusted to being alone and having nothing I HAVE to do. I try to follow all the advice about "getting out there" and interacting with people, but most of the people around here are already interacting all they want.

  4. I will be 70 this fall and have been divorced after 42 years of an verbally and emotionally abusive marriage for two years...don't ask why I stayed that long...I don't know. I still love to look nice, age appropriate and that's where I am stuck...what is age appropriate for someone "almost 70"? I'm certainly not going to look and dress like my grandmother but I've recently discovered that I am still attracted to things I probably shouldn't wear. I have so many issues and I am trying my best to take one at a time to work on but how many years do I have left to that???? Times is passing quickly and I have a bucket list that I never got to start in those 42 years of my life that were mostly wasted years! Anyone out there in a similar situation or have any suggestions? I went back to work part-time and I love it!

  5. I am an Australian lady over 60 who has been trying to find other bloggers my age but have not been successful, I have just stumbled across your page. My blog is called Stage of Reason.