Thursday, September 15, 2011

South Lyon City Council Campaign 2011

Last post the $10/day fine was accruing. Today I got a Paid in Full receipt for paying the $10 - no additional fines, and perhaps I won't be turned in to the Attorney General. Not for this. So now I'm a street legal candidate, and it's time to start campaigning for real. Sent the questionnaire back to the League of Women Voters sent. One question was what three top priority issues does South Lyon need to address and what action would I take? We need to slow traffic on Pontiac Trail. The speed limit is 45 mph, and drivers speed. We have a confluence of a senior community and the high school. At 2:36 pm when the teenagers start exiting en masse, seniors meet those cars, sometimes head-on, sometimes broadside, and vice versa, and sometimes not in a car at all. We can't cross the street on foot safely. Tony got hit by a car on his bicycle two weeks ago. He's 85 and suffered a broken collarbone, shoulder, three ribs and pelvis. He'll be a long time recovering. Number 1 priority: South Lyon seniors, teens, walkers and bicyclists need to be safe.

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