Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I Love About Being Older

1) I am comfortable lifting ideas and I am happy giving credit - the subject of getting older came up in the comments on Lynne Morgan Spreen's Any Shiny Thing blog.

2) Senior discounts. Restaurants, movies, park passes - none of which I can afford to frequent, but it's still nice to have the potential extra clink in my coin purse.

3) I no longer have to touch up my hair every six minutes. It was a tough job to keep Scandalous Sienna from not playing nice with white roots.

4) Black looks good on me, and red lipstick does, too. I don't have to line my lips any more. This took for-ev-er. And then I worried all day about whether the lipstick had leaked into my lip cracks all the way up to my nostrils.

5) While I have always talked to myself, now everyone just expects it.

6) If somebody honks at me, it's because they know me. That's nice.

7) My family finally believes that my bizarre free spirit is slightly more charming than annoying.

8) No pressure to keep up with my favorite brands, which have all been discontinued anyway by the time I remember what these are, and where to shop for them.

9) The endless search for the perfect lash-lengthening mascara is over. My saggy eyelids droop over my eyelashes, so if my lashes are too long, the black/brown ends up on my forehead. I used to rent a storage locker for all my make-up; now it fits in one little desk drawer. I kept the storage locker for my supplements and meds. I discovered the advantage of jowls, too. There had to be a reason for those, otherwise it's just mean. Jowls are to keep the water out of your eyes when you're shaving your legs in the shower.

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