Saturday, December 18, 2010


I do the most creative thinking in the shower. Yesterday I wondered why and figured out that it's because I'm still. I have nowhere to go, no errands to run, no space to roam around. Plus there's water. Water promotes creativity. Eliminate the option to stand at the bottom of the Huron River for a long time to quietly think, the shower will do. Leaning my head against the shower stall yesterday, trying to get unmad about political hooha, I realized everybody lies. Not just politicians, store clerks, parents and me. It's a human thing. My mom was a crazy person about lying and I have that trait too. It's a dumb trait, doesn't make me happy, rich or alien. I lie. Congresspeople lie. Why make it hard on myself? Unrealistic expectations may lead to success, but it's a damn spikier road. I like this drawing. It will remind me that being human is as good as it gets for humans, and the more breaks we give ourselves, the smoother the journey.

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