Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Art and Not Art

Reading trails this morning on the internet. There must be a name for this activity, digging behind stories to other stories. Checked 13.7 Cosmos and Culture and found a new post by Stuart Hoffman and followed the thread "Poised Realm," a lovely phrase. Schrodinger's cat makes an appearance, possibly dead, possibly alive, but certainly not dead AND alive as previously supposed. Schrodinger's cat needs a therapist if alive, and a funeral if not. But I love this stuff. Measurement, quantifying, bridging the gap between classical/quantum, science/magic. Aristotle's A and Not A, biocentrism, Global Unified Theory, poor Schrodinger's cat. What is in between dead and not dead? If we had a big enough yardstick and my Dad's enormous calculating wristwatch (how many times a day do you use a cosine function?) we'd all be...more content? Science causes me to feel happy. So does magic. So does a good argument for the existence of [your favorite deity here]. And science is good art, too. Just look at the wave pattern on the other side of the slit experiment. If that isn't art, then it must be science. I'm going to ask Schrodinger's cat.

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