Sunday, December 12, 2010

Narcissism Undisordered

The American Psychiatric Association is considering dropping narcissism from its roster of personality disorders in DSM V, out in 2013. NPR's story reminds us what we read in the gossip columns is not really narcissism. NY Times article explains the rationale behind dropping 5 of 10 listed personality disorders. PsychCentral tells us that clinicians will still do the heavy therapeutic lifting for clinical cases. I believe the American Psychiatric Association will remove the 5 from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders because no one in their crowd can write a prescription to abate, cure, or influence any of the soon-to-be removed. Clinical cynical. Evidence the removal of "homosexuality" as a disorder in 1986. DSM's validity is marginal except to insurance companies, Big Pharma, and government pharmaceutical regulators (Phantom Pharma). Perhaps we'll see fewer prescriptions written off-script to "lessen the symptoms" of borderline personality disorder, narcissism, and the other 3. Remains to be seen how difficult getting a referral and medication assistance will be in 2013 and beyond. Meanwhile Kanye West, Snooki and their professional sports avatars can continue along the yellow brick road of self-acknowledged fabulousness.

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