Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the Old: Replacement Year Coming Up

All those Waterford crystal panels on the Times Square ball - is there a replacement part truck parked nearby? What happens if your crystal ball goes out? Pro sports teams have rebuilding years when the age of the starters signals replacements. America needs a couple of rebuilding years, and some replacement parts as well. I need replacement parts. My car needs replacement parts. And some stuff just needs to go. I cleaned up my workroom today and while I still don't have the nerve to toss some items, I was ruthless. Picture frames waiting for me to repaint or fix - out. I'm glad I threw all my old Daytimers out. I thought all those years would contain grist for the writers' mill. Looking at the cancer years recently to find what I was feeling, I was shocked to find nothing. Just appointments and dates. It's been a year of striking contrasts, extreme lows, sharp pain, higher joy, richer peace. I expect the replacement year will offer much the same, and I'm glad to have it. Wishing everyone a pain-free new year. We live in hope.

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