Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Three Story Life: The Play

In a recent writing workshop, a woman suggested that A Three Story Life is a play. She saw it as a play immediately. It was an exciting concept. I'd like to write a play, have begun a couple over the years, or maybe I've recreated an existing one floating around in my semiconscious serially. When she said play, I saw the scenery for the song "Did You Hear About Kim?" from an Osborne High School production of Bye Bye Birdie, circa 1969. The darkened stage was set in cubicles, like a window box, spotlight bouncing from one singer to another. It was genius set design. I'm intimidated by the idea of formatting a play document. Being intimidated by minutiae is a lifelong stopper for me. But a play! I started one for my 50th birthday. I started one during April's Script Frenzy a few years ago. My brain is churning with ideas. And my brain is churning with stoppers. Which me will triumph this time? And who do I blame when the wrong one succeeds? 

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