Sunday, March 18, 2012

Other People vs Me

We are raised, hopefully, to be considerate. Maybe some miss out on this character building chance, but there is opportunity in a lifetime to improve. Some people get the idea via behavior modification experience that other people matter more than self, and it's tough to overcome. I've heard several times in the last month the other people trope used to pacify me. I pulled hard to get a book out of my post office box that had been bent in the middle to shove it in. It was clearly a book. I took the now delta-winged package to the desk. I didn't yet know what I could do about it, or what I wanted done. I showed it to the man. He shrugged his shoulders. The woman next to him said, other people do not want to wait in line to get a package too big for the box. At that point I knew what I wanted to accomplish. No more folded books. I said I want my box tagged as a no stuffing box. Today I was describing a life situation, and the person I was talking with said, "many people have these phases." This is behavior modification dialectics. I am verbally coached to give up my goal, rethink priorities, pull back and be quiet because other people do something or don't do something? It's interesting. Think of a lifetime with this messaging. How do we stand out, feel good about our successes, and get what we want? We learn to ignore the other people dialogue, and focus on what it is we need to have solved at that moment in time, and use our personal power to solve it.

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