Monday, April 2, 2012

Fairytale Movie Princesses = Boomer Anxiety About Aging?!

We have an infestation of fairytale princesses in theaters, and more on the way. Snow White has three, and Sleeping Beauty is in the house, too. Mirror, Mirror plays Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother queen. Snow White and the Huntsman features Charlize Theron as the obsessed woman on the throne. I think we're getting these princesses and the wicked (but oh, so beautiful) stepmoms because there just aren't any women caped crusaders to follow the guys into the theater. Have we had enough of comic book heroes? Probably not. But since we have no equally famous and powerful women in that realm, we're stuck with fairytales. Fairytales have a beautiful princess who either sleeps, pricks her finger spinning, falls down running and is rescued by a bunch of short guys, or just hangs around waiting for a handsome prince to rescue her from whatever lowly existence she thinks she has. And an evil wicked nasty queen is just good fun, right? Well, not according to a Harvard professor quoted last week in an article by Linda Holmes about Snow White's recidivist film appearance. We're addressing aging women's anxiety about...aging, according to Maria Tatar, Harvard professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures. She chairs the mythology and folklore program, and Holmes claims she specializes in fairytales. Oy. I want to know what research supports such ludicrous speculation, and what the hell the article is playing at. None of these plots indicate pop culture connectivity of any kind. The queens want the young girls dead. The queens want to eat the princess's liver. The queens are murderous psychopaths, and this relates to women anxious about aging? Lest we all forget - again - boys with money who want more money decide which movies are made. Boys have no interest whatsoever in addressing boomer women's anxiety about getting older. This is not why these movies are getting made. What a load of...fairytales.