Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's All About the Cake

Beautiful friend Geri says birthdays are all about the cake. When I was 5, I wanted to make my own cake. I've discovered that delicious cake is cake you get from a bakery you've searched for, found and pray will stay in business. I love Buttercream Bakeshop in Wixom, MI and the last cake I got for myself was from there. It had blue sky, puffy white clouds, and sunflowers all around the sides. It was scrumptious as well as lovely. This year I had no cake or pie either, and I missed that treat a week later. 61 years old, and I still want to make my own cake. Last night I warmed the oven, made not one cake, but three. One for my dollhouse, and 2 to sell on etsy for other people who know that birthdays are all about the cake. This cake is hazelnut with mango and blueberry cream filling, cream cheese frosting with sprinkles on top. Hmm. Happy birthday this week to Michelle, Jane, Carol and Paul! Wishing you all a wonderful year. And cake.

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  1. Happy Day, you completed another trip around the sun! And, yes...cake is very necessary.