Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bianca's Baby Shower

Lawson James Williams has not made his debut in the world yet, and many people already love him. His mother, so young, so tender and compassionate, with her beautiful laugh and shining soul. His father. Grandmas and Grandpas in waiting. Great-grandparents. Great-aunts, great-uncles, uncles and aunts, cousins, second cousins. Lots of arms are longing to hold this little boy, dreaming of his life, hoping for his life. When his mother was a baby, I made her a dinosaur. When my friend Beckie's first-born wore a cast with dinosaurs on it, I made him a dinosaur wearing a tshirt that had a picture of Jacob on it. Jake wore dinosaurs; the dinosaur wore Jake. Today I finished making a dinosaur for Lawson. It was made with great and mighty intention - love, tears, dreams, worry and more love. The body is a sweatshirt someone I love and who loves me gave me. The tshirt is made from a shirt of my mother's that had a handpainted Betty Boop in a heart on the front. Right behind the heart on Lawson's dinosaur is the picture; my mother's gift to the great-grandson she will not meet, but loves, I know. The scales on the back are from my favorite tshirts that do not fit me anymore, but fit just fine where each is now. He's stuffed with favorite shirts to teach him that love will always cover him, that warmth and comfort are his to have. Socks so that he will know that whatever life may bring, he can stand on his own two feet. His initial is there so that he will learn his name, and that who he is, and will be, matters most of all. Every stitch in this dinosaur is sewn with love, with hope, and with joy. We can barely wait to meet you, Lawson James, and hug you welcome to the world.

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