Friday, March 2, 2012

When Reality Unravels

Reality isn't real. What I see, understand and tell myself is true does not fit for anyone else. I get this in my head in whichever firing range the neurons that handle unreality operate. A Course in Miracles teaches this. Nothing is real. Nothing is real here. So there's an implication that there is real reality somewhere else. Fine. Deepak Chopra teaches this. When we navigate from true self we can feel the centeredness. Fine. We are one with the universe. Okay. Is the universe real? Depends on who you ask. Black holes exist but we can't see them. Dark matter exists. We know this because we can measure what's not visible. The speed of light calculus is real. Nobody's going to get a ticket for exceeding the speed of light any time soon. We can follow the experiments at CERN as scientists endeavor to see what can't be seen, and get paid for it. The universe as we know it is about to change, CERN declares. But we know the universe is changing all the time. I'm changing. You're changing. How do we measure that? If what I cannot see may be more real than what I can see, how am I supposed to drive to the grocery store? How am I going to be serene in my place in the universe? Especially if the universe is expanding. Am I expanding, too? Do I exist outside of my true self? And if I don't, who's going to introduce me to my true self, a serene being deeply immersed in the witness protection program?

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