Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Birthday and St. Patrick's Day

After a certain age birthdays are about getting license tabs. My friend Geri says birthdays are all about the cake, and she gets herself a dazzling one each year. I'm looking at my tab on my desk, hoping I remember to put it on the car when it stops raining, and already hoping I have the money to get a new one in 2013. And wondering if I'll get myself a cake this year. Which brings us to 4-leaf clovers. How? Luck. My Aunt Suoma gave me a 4-leaf clover decades ago. I kept it in my wallet. When my wallet croaked, I took out all its precious stuff, and found the clover was dust. Lucky dust? I don't know. Did carrying it keep me from a fatal car crash somewhere in time? From a heart-crunching relationship? From a terrible job that would have broken my spirit? Maybe. I made two shamrock plants this week. One is for sale on etsy. And one is on my dollhouse front lawn. I have a new literary journal to review this month and it arrived yesterday. My first one was published last month for The Review Review. This new journal is about luck. I'm excited to read it, and glad I don't have an opinion on luck right at the moment. That's lucky already, isn't it?

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